Common Causes Of Stress Among College Students

College is a wonderful opportunity to, not only further your education, but experiment with life before it gets too serious. Having said that, college life is not without it’s stressful situations. Here are a few common causes of stress amongst college students.

Possibly one of the biggest stressors for some college students is the considerable debt they will have to take on, in order to afford tuition fees, campus accommodation and textbooks. Quite often this is a source of great concern for a kid that is straight out of high school and may not be financially literate. Continue Reading

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Moral Dilemmas for Students

The wisdom to make the morally correct decisions in life comes with years of experience. The term ‘moral dilemma’ refers to a situation wherein one has to make the decision to choose the right path despite being tempted otherwise. It involves a turbulence of emotions which is quite complicated to handle as a child or teenager. Positive parenting on the subject can definitely make the moral convictions of children stronger but there are situations that demand independent decision making on behalf of the child. At times like these, children require extremely strong analytical capabilities and moral beliefs to make the correct choice.

During years of schooling, students go through different kinds of moral dilemmas. A case study on the subject highlights the moral dilemma of a twelve-year old boy named John, who had been promised a cycle by his father on toping in his final examinations. Despite studying very hard, John was unsure of his performance in the Science paper. Therefore, during the paper he was in the dilemma to either do the best he could on his own or cheat from his friend’s paper. John did the latter after much deliberation as he could not escape the lure of the gift. Another case study of high school students and very good friends, Sarah and Samantha, illustrates the moral dilemma involved in friendship. Sarah noticed Samantha’s new boyfriend, Jack flirting with other girls. Although she wanted to intimate her friend to protect her feelings but feared that Samantha may not believe her and get upset with her for accusing her boyfriend. Continue Reading

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Having Good Study Habits is the Key to Being Successful in High School

The time for preparing for the future and discovering your independence is while you’re in high school. These four years will pass by very quickly. It takes careful planning and dedication to get the grades you need to pursue higher education at colleges and universities. While it may sound tedious, there are many techniques you can use to help study throughout the term, instead of cramming all the material in at the end of the term. In this article you will find study tips that will assist students in making the most efficient use of their time.

As orderliness is a dilemma for the majority of high school students, making a day by day itinerary will help to stay current with your assignments and other projects. Don’t assume that you can remember everything, invest in a calendar or planner to write down dates and activities. To meet your deadline, stick to your schedule as much as possible. A good place to study is one that gives you plenty of room for your papers and books, is comfortable, has good lighting, and little distractions. Verify that you have all the tools you need to complete your work whether it is your computer, printer, writing utensils, high-lighters, or calculator. Continue Reading

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